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Hakkōda Mountains incident
From Wikipedia, the free encyclopediaThe Hakkōda Mountains incident (八甲田雪中行軍遭難事件 Hakkōda Settchū Kōgun Sōnan Jiken) occurred on January 23, 1902, when a group of Imperial Japanese Army soldiers became lost in a blizzard on the Hakkōda Mountains in Aomori Prefecture in northern Honshu, Japan, en route to Tashiro Hot Spring located in the Hakkōda Mountains. The 199 deaths during a single ascent make it the world's largest mountaineering disaster in the modern history of mountain climbing.


"Let's talk about racism." , science circle event .

“The Common and Misplaced Racism of David Duke, Hitler, and Darwin: The Value of Diversity in Human Interactions” by Stephen L. Gasior
Racism is the worst idea ever in its impact on the evolution of the human species and its longterm survival. Yet, it is a persistent and strong perspective that has early roots in our evolution that has continued through the Enlightenment, the Scientific Revolution, and modern day. This talk covers the biological basics of human genetic diversity as it pertains to race and some historical perspectives of notable individuals and how that has impacted culture. A more in-depth presentation on population genetics and interesting genetic traits will finish the discussion with a thought on how a rational anti-racism is beneficial in the continued evolution of Homo sapience.
Dr. Stephen L. Gasior, Biology
Currently scientist at DowDuPont. Education and research is Molecular Biology. Former educator at college level.I received my Ph.D. in molecular genetics and cell biology in 1999 from the University of Chicago. My research concerned how breaks in DNA are repaired in yeast meiosis. My postdoctoral research at the U of Chicago and Tulane Cancer Center both investigated DNA repair mechanisms in B cell development and then mobile element retrotransposition.I then transitioned to the education area teaching biology at U of New Orleans then Ball State University. In those positions I developed educational activities in Second Life and OpenSimulator.Currently, I am working to develop and advance genome editing technologies in corn for the seed company DowDuPont .

Stephen L. Gasior Presents "The Value of Diversity in Human Interactions".